Welcome to the Sunni & Wise Podcast. 

Episode 000: Sunni meets Wise

Episode 000: Sunni meets Wise

All about how Sunni met Wise and what exactly they think they're up to. 

0:45 Who is Sunni?   

1:05 Who is Wise? 

2:35 What is Wisdom? 

4:50 What makes Sunni and Wise qualified to talk about Wisdom?

6:10 Big Booty is a problem? 

7:10 What does Sunni do out in the world?

12:00 Sunni talks about her TED Talk experience

15:30 Wise discovers Podcasts!

17:35 Important disclaimer: We are NOT offering Wisdom!

19:00 Strippers make their first cameo. 

21:25 Explicit Language Disclaimer 

26:00 Finding Wisdom in surprising places

28:30 Wise talks about his career change

35:00 Are universities in trouble?

40:00 Cameo of Spiral Dynamics

42:00 Answers are possible! 

43:45 Doodling will happen

45:30 Polish people are Doodlers too!

46:30 Communism makes its cameo 

47:30 Children know things

51:20 Wise mocks babies and alienates what’s left of our audience

54:00 Donald Trump’s cameo

57:00 Tally of all the people we’ve alienated so far

59:00 How to find out what Sunni’s done business-wise

1:02:00 Wise finds the courage to leave academia

1:04:00 Buddhist Philosophy in the work of David Foster Wallace

1:05:40 The Great Concavity Podcast Cameo

1:07:00 We figure out what this podcast is about: Getting out of your heads

1:08:00 Don’t Despair! 


Episode 1: Wisdom is like Pornography...

Episode 1: Wisdom is like Pornography...